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Shower repairs aren’t just limited to plumbing. Lighting, ventilation, music, and materials can all malfunction or require replacement on occasion. Caulk may need replacing to stop water intrusion, mold, and/or to refresh the space. Tile surfaces may need regular sealing to maintain aesthetic excellence.

Most bathrooms feature tiled surfaces. While there are many types of tile available, more durable varieties are a good choice for high-use rooms like the bathroom. Mora Services can repair or replace individually damaged tiles as needed, or we can update an entire bathroom surface with a more durable tile.

Bathrooms can always use more storage, and a vanity upgrade is one way to increase it. Mora Services can assess your existing vanity and recommend and install one that will increase your storage capacity. We can also repair or replace your vanity lighting and mirror.

Moisture levels in bathrooms can require more frequent painting than other rooms in the home. Although painted surfaces are usually limited in the bathroom, using the right paint and priming products can help the surfaces last much longer.